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Kilimanjaro FAQ

What training should I undertake as a preparation for climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

The support from our mountaineering expert team is the really important part in getting you there, you can’t really train for altitude but with the right determination and passionate to do it then you can make it.

Is mobile signal available on the Mount Kilimanjaro?

The signal is almost everywhere on the mountain, depends on your provider, Celtel,Voda or Tigo, some places you can get full reception on Voda and on other providers you get no signal. Where there is a signal, you should always be able to make a voice call or send a text message.

Do you allow solo climber? Or is it possible to join a group climber?

Yes, we allow solo climber but as a solo traveler can become expensive for many people. We’re very sensitive about this and are disappointed when price is an obstacle to climbing with us. However we can assist you on join other climbers, you just need to reserve your dates today to join your group for the same climbing dates.

What is the best time to climbing Kilimanjaro?

The mountain can be climbed all year round, there are, however, a couple of rainy seasons – April-May and November-mid-December – that are best avoided. We think January-March and October are the best months as the skies tend to be clear in the mornings and evenings.

What route should I take when climbing?

There is no single best Mt. Kilimanjaro climb route. Which route up Kilimanjaro is the best for you depends on several factors. The time and money you have available, previous experience the time of the year, personal preference.

What is the suitable age for climb Kilimanjaro?

The minimum age for climbing Kilimanjaro is 10 years old. However, it is possible to get approval for exceptions from Kilimanjaro National Park. Most people in good physical condition can climb and reach the summit since it does not require technical climbing—only walking. The best thing you can do to ensure a successful climb is to get yourself in the best physical condition beforehand by losing extra pounds and building up your strength and stamina.